All facials are personalized to your skin’s needs weather it is antiaging purifying, dehydration or just good maintenance they will all include a thorough cleaning of skin, toning, exfoliation, steaming, massage of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp ,extractions (which is removal of blackheads and blemishes) followed by high frequency which is a painless ,low level electrical current which has been known to enhance blood circulation ,increase collagen and elastin production ,eliminate toxins and acne-causing bacteria and assist with product absorption. Then a personalized mask is applied, ending with your serum, moisturizer and sun cream.
Advanced Facial60 minutes$80.00
Anti Acne Skin Treatment75 minutes$89.00
Deep Pore Cleansing75 minutes$89.00
Double Hydrating Facial75 minutes$99.00
Essential Facial45 minutes$60.00
Essential Facial With Scalp Treatment45 minutes$70.00
Facial Care30 minutes$40.00
Eye treatment15minutes$25.00