We will have you freeing your body of unwanted hair as quickly and painlessly as possible. Everyone and their mother has heard a tale or two about a botched waxing job or awkward encounter with an aesthetician, luckily with the help of these salons, you can skip those less-than-desirable situations and get the job done right.
Chin 5-10 minutes$15.00
Sides of Face 5-10 minutes$50.00
Full Face Varies$30.00
Under Arms 10-15 minutes$18.00
Full Arms 20 minutes$40.00
Half Arms 10-15 minutes$30.00
Full Legs 30 minutes$80.00
Half Legs(lower) 30 minutes$45.00
Half Legs(Upper) 30 minutes$50.00
Back 30 minutes$50.00
Stomach 20-30 minutes$40.00
Chest 20-30 minutes$50.00
Bikini 20-30 minutes$40.00